5 Things To Know When Hiring Pressure Washing In Fort Walton Beach Florida

Spotting black mold and green algae growing on the exterior of a home or business is common where we live here in Fort Walton Beach Florida. That’s why pressure washing is vital when it comes to keeping your residence or business free of this potentially dangerous growth.

The exterior of buildings is not the only area effected by black mold and green algae. It’s not uncommon to see a roof or a driveway or even a sidewalk covered in black mold. Many homeowners and business owners never realize that besides being unsightly and giving your residence an unkept look, sitting water on concrete covered in black mold can be slippery thus, creating a dangerous situation for your guests or customers.

Now once you’ve identified the mold or algae growth on your home or business, it’s important to make sure you hire the right pressure washing company – that’s where this list can help.

1) Why Shouldn’t I Just DIY?

We come across so many homeowners who have tried to do it themselves only to realize the expensive machine they bought at Home Depot or Lowes doesn’t have the capacity to properly clean an entire residence. Many end up making matters worse by doing what we call in the industry as “penciling” the area. Penciling looks like tiny lines or circle patterns (depending on the direction and pattern you use the wand to clean) etched into the surface of the area you’re working on and can ultimately ruin a surface or worse yet, the paint on the home. Homeowners will also mistakenly try to “power” wash the surface area without using any cleaning agents that kill the mold or algae to keep it from keeping back.

It’s important to have the proper equipment powerful enough to cover and apply solution and rinsing techniques that basically allow you to “soft wash” the surface without the need to powerfully force the mold and algae from the surface. Think of it like washing your car with a garden hose. The same principle should apply to your home, roof or drive and sidewalks and quite frankly, the DIY machines do not have that capability. Just ask anyone you know with one of these systems and they’ll tell you from experience that not only is it time consuming, but the results are never satisfying. The company you should hire should have 8 gallon a minute machines or better to properly apply and rinse your residence or business. Not only can 8 gallon a minute machines apply enough solution to kill the mold and algae, they can properly soft rinse the buildings or surfaces without damage

2) Check The Pressure Washing Companies Reviews

Reviews from customers are vital to successful business today. A review check is important when deciding on which company to choose to get your project done. A good standard of practice when it comes to reviews is to make sure there are a good number of reviews spread out over several platforms. For instance at Beach Pressure Wash, we have over 175 Five Star Reviews spread out over not only Google, but Home Advisor, Angi, Thumbtack and even our Facebook page. We like to give our customers options using the platform they feel most comfortable with.

Be wary of companies with only a handful of reviews and very little history as this industry tends to favor a lot of turnover and fly by night, poorly rigged wanna-bees who come in with ridiculously low ball pricing to get your business, Unfortunately they end up doing very poor work because they are not
properly equipped and shortly after starting up their company, fold up and move onto something else leaving a company like ours to have to come in and try and salvage the mess.

3) Is The Pressure Washing Company Properly Licensed and Insured?

Remember, it does not offend us when you ask us for a copy of our business license and insurance. As a matter of fact, we encourage all of you seeking a pressure washing company to do so. Making sure the company you use is properly licensed and insured protects you a property owner. It also assures you that you are hiring a responsible professional who is compliant with all rules and regulations as outlined for a legal business by our state government.

4) Make Sure You’re Clear on The Details of The Quoted Price

Your quote should be detailed with what work will be performed and when. At Beach Pressure Wash, we like to quote the pricing based on the size of the residence or building, how straight forward the structure is and how much neglect has taken place. For instance, a simple straight forward ranch style home is going to price differently than a three-story home with balconies and cut outs on all sides. Also, a home that hasn’t been cleaned in 15 years is going to price differently than a newer home that gets annual cleaning maintenance. The size and style of roof factors in when doing roofs and surface area size and style (concrete drive versus Paver drive) factor in to all our pricing as well. Which brings us to Number 5…

5) Discuss The Details and Ask Questions about the Work To Be Performed

No question is too silly to ask. If you have sensitive plants for instance, should they be moved or covered? How does this pressure washing process work from beginning to end? Will my electrical outlets be covered? Should that stained door be covered?

These are just a few of the examples of questions and concerns we will go over with you BEFORE any work is done. Your chosen pressure washer should ease your mind and make you feel comfortable and confident about your hire. They should treat your home like their own.

I hope this helps you on your path to finding a professional pressure washer. Please feel free to reach out to me or my brother at Beach Pressure Washing – we will be happy to help you out whether you hire us or not.

Jerry Tarrants

Beach Pressure Wash